Learn The BIG MONEY Art of Short Sales with Ann Goldschmidt

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Would you like to earn more money in two transactions than you earn all year with your regular job?

In this depressed real estate market, homeowners are facing a record number of foreclosures, and many more are falling behind on their monthly house payments. Banks must find a way to get rid of foreclosed properties as fast as possible - and one way is to sell the properties through 'short sales.'

On Tuesday, September 22nd, 'short-sale' expert Ann Goldschmidt will provide an overview of the real estate market as it relates to short sales. Anyone can learn to make tens of thousands of dollars in cash in short sales during her FREE teleconference and webinar.

Ann Goldschmidt trains students with how to get involved in pre-foreclosure short sale real estate with no money and no risk. The step by step training includes:

- Simple ways to locate homeowners in distress
- Prescreen the homeowners using proven scripts
- Completing the contracts and paperwork
- Secrets of gettting the huge discounts
- Creating your buyers list
- Picking up your check

Ann Goldschmidt is Founder and President of three real estate companies that she started from ground up which now include a holding company, a management company, and an investment company. She was successful in acquiring millions of dollars in pre-foreclosure properties in her first year in business - with no money! Through her experience she learned hands-on every aspect of the pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, and short sale business. When most investors pass on properties with little or no equity, Ann has made a prosperous career out of them.

Usually a seminar like this with Ann would cost hundreds of dollars. But on Tuesday night, September 22nd I'm bringing Ann to The Learning Annex to teach you for a FREE teleconference and webinar. Register now!

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Course AGTCEX, Section A
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 from 09:00 PM to 09:45 PM
Location: Teleconference

This teleconference will air LIVE

9:00pm Eastern, (New York, Atlanta, Florida)
8pmCentral (Chicago, Dallas)
7pm Mountain (Denver)
6pm Pacific(California)

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