How to Lose 20 Pounds in 14 Days - 2 1/2 Hour Audio Program with Tony Books Avilez

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Lose the Weight... and Gain Your Life!

Do you need to lose weight quickly for a special occasion? Are you tired of waiting to lose that weight? Do you want to lose weight, gain energy and develop self-mastery?

In this fun, high-energy course, you'll discover the mindset and techniques to lose weight in just 14 days. That's right, just two short weeks!

"This was one of the most empowering seminars I have ever taken. Tony is a true motivator!"
Kevin B. - Chelsea (quote taken from our online survey system)

Certified personal trainer Tony Books Avilez will teach you the strategies that have already worked for thousands across the country, covering:

  • Why this program works when others haven't
  • Setting a powerful 14-day goal
  • Getting motivated - and staying that way every day
  • Eating to burn calories
  • Exercises that burn fat quickly
  • Getting support from your friends and loved ones
  • What to do after the two weeks are over
You will learn not just a fitness program, but a fitness philosophy based on the concept that when you change your mind, your body will follow.

Tony Books Avilez, CSCS is a certified personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is author of "The 14-Day Miracle Transformation," "Lose the Weight, Gain Your Life," and "The ABSolute Truth."

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