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Are You Selling Your Home or Investment Property? The way you package or “stage” a home can mean the difference between selling your home fast, or sitting with an un-sellable "lemon" for months. In this real estate market you need every advantage you can get and that’s exactly what you will learn from home staging expert, Barbara Brock. Find out what 45% of all home sellers already know about Home Staging.

You will learn:

  • What the Buyer Looks for in the First 30 Seconds
  • How to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home
  • Instant Buyer Turnoffs
  • How to De-Personalize Your Home, While Keeping it Warm and Comfortable.
  • The Correct Number of Furniture Items and Objects on the Wall
  • Colors to Avoid
  • How to Add Positive Energy to Your Home
  • Small Inexpensive Items you can Change that add Real Value to Your Property
  • What You Need to Know About Carpeting and Wall Paper
  • And Much More
From working in real estate, retail and interior design, Barbara Brock knows how to transform a sows ear into a silk purse Started in 2001, her company, A PROPER PLACE (www.aproperplace.com) specializes in Home Staging Services to furnished or vacant homes, model apartments and photo staging. Courteousness, Graciousness and Flexibility are key characteristics of the company.

She is considered to be an excellent communicator, approachable leader and dedicated to the highest standards of conduct and performance. Her team of Staging Designers transforms sellers very personalized home into a Buyer-Ready™ product on the market. How you live in your home and how you sell your home are two different visual presentations.

Credits include: President RESA-NY – Real Estate Staging Association, Past-President of NAPO- National Association of Professional Organizers NBC, Today Show for Barbara Corcoran June 2007, New York Family, June 2007,New York Family, July 2006 CNN, Gerry Willis, Real Estate, 2005 Front page article: The New York Times, Real Estate Section, July, 2006 Front page article: The New York Times, Real Estate Section, August, 2004 New York Living Magazine, Aug/September 2004

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