50 Sure-Fire Ways to Break the Ice & Improve Your Conversations - 2 1/2 Hour Audio Program with Don Gabor

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For Social, Business, Personal, and Travel Situations

Do you have trouble making small talk at cocktail parties, family gatherings or business functions? Would you like to be more outgoing & spontaneous, meet more people, and make more friends in social and business situations?

In this fun-filled course with professional speaker Don Gabor, you'll learn at least 50 easy ways to:

  • Be a more confident speaker in social, personal and professional situations
  • Overcome the fear of rejection and not knowing what to say next
  • Make a great first and lasting impression on everyone you meet
  • Remember names and network for results
  • Avoid the 10 biggest mistakes people make in party conversation
  • End conversations tactfully
  • And more!
Don Gabor is author of the newly revised bestseller "How to Start a Conversation & Make Friends," plus many other books and tapes on conversation skills. He has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV programs and was called a "gifted conversationalist" by The New Yorker.

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