How to Buy, Sell and Profit on eBay - Create a Second or Full-Time Income Stream - 3 Hour Audio Program with Paul Mladjenovic

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Online auction sites like eBay are a treasure trove for buyers - and a gold mine for sellers. This information-packed course will reveal how you can take advantage of the fast-growing world of online auctions as a buyer or seller.

You'll get lots of practical information from Paul Mladjenovic, one of the country's top home business and internet entrepreneurs.

He'll cover:
  • Why it's so easy to find people willing to pay big money for your junk
  • What sells - including stuff you'd never think of
  • Insider tips for making your listings more attractive to generate more bids at higher prices
  • The biggest mistakes people make when buying and selling online - and how to avoid them
Plus: Things that are hot on eBay right now, how to turn $10 spent at a flea market into $500 in cyberspace, and more!

Paul Mladjenovic is a certified financial planner, business consultant, home-business specialist and author of "Zero-Cost Marketing."

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