Fly Free! Sleep Free! Travel Free! It Can be Done... If You Know How - 2 Hour Program - Video Version with Jim Poynter

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**This video program is recommended for HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTIONS ONLY such as T1, DSL, Cable Modem, or Satellite.

The program is presented in Windows Media format. To view on a PC with a Windows OS (Windows 98 or later), you must have Windows Media Player 9 (or version 7 updated with Series 9 codecs for Windows 98). To view on a Macintosh computer you must be running Mac OS X and have Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X. There is a link to the Windows Media download area on the first page of the course.

What's the catch? There isn't any! Travel industry pro Jim Poynter can clue you into several tried, true and perfectly legal ways to get free - or heavily discounted - airline tickets and lodging.

If you think your travel dreams are beyond your budget, this is definitely the class for you! Jim will reveal:
  • How to get luxurious accommodations without spending a dime
  • How to get unbelievable deals on rates that have already been discounted
  • How 2 1/2 hours can save you thousands of dollars
  • How to get many of your traveling costs subsidized
  • The pros and cons of each technique
  • And more!
Jim Poynter has lived and worked in 30 countries and has traveled to over 60 countries - many times for free or "just about." Over the past 35 years, he has done just about everything in the travel industry except fly a plane.

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