How to Design and Successfully License Your Product - 30min Video Presentation with Graham Halky

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Are you looking to create a cartoon or animated character to help sell your product? Creative Director, Graham Halky, will tell you what the most successful character driven brands and licensed characters all have in common. It is what newspaper editors avoid if they want to be able to turn over a comic strip after a few years, but it is what you want for staying power.

You will learn not how to draw the character, but what to draw:

  • How to recognize a successful look
  • What makes a consumer fall in love with your brand character
  • What will kill the character's effectiveness
  • How to present your character
  • What is the surest way to add to the cost of designing your character
  • And Much More
Graham Halky is the vice president of GH DesignWorks, a business providing concept development of characters for licensing and animation. Mr. Halky is an award winning creative director, who worked for The Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company as their director of creative services developing product for properties like the Teletubbies, Eloise, It's ItsyBitsy Time! and NiNi's Treehouse. He is president of the Graphic Artists Division of The Tribe Session Foundations, an artists' association. He is also hold four national awards for style guide design for the licensing industry.

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