Get Paid to Read Books! Make $$$ Doing Something You Love! - 2 1/2 Hour Audio Program with Martha C. Lawrence

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Turn your love of reading into money in the bank. Sounds impossible? Well it isn't, if you know how. And that's exactly what Martha C. Lawrence will teach you in this informative and very practical seminar. She'll show you how to get paid to read books! Many print and online publications pay for a steady stream of freelance book reviews. In fact, film studios, producers, literary agents and book publishers also all hire readers to evaluate their never-ending pile of book submissions.

Here's what you'll learn in just one night:

  • Where to find this fascinating work
  • Who you should contact to get started
  • How to write the kind of reviews that get you rehired
  • How to write so-called "coverage" reports that tell editors and producers what they need to know
  • How much you can expect to earn
  • How reviewer/reader jobs can be stepping stones to other media careers
"Martha Lawrence was an excellent instructor with incredible expertise on the subject. I highly recommend the class to any potential book reviewers!"
- James R., Balboa Park (Quote taken from our online survey system)

Whether you're looking for a new career or to make extra money part-time, this is a great opportunity!

Martha C. Lawrence is an award-winning author whose novels have been published worldwide. A member of Mystery Writers of America and Private Eye Writers of America, she also reviews books for The San Diego Union-Tribune and has made numerous radio and television appearances.

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