Real Estate Investing in 10 Simple Steps - 2 1/4 Audio Program with Boaz Gilad

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Join real estate magnate Boaz Gilad for an information-packed workshop on successfully transforming real estate deals into millions. Whether residential, commercial or both, you'll learn to master the art of the deal - including how to:

  • Identify the best real estate investments for you
  • Find and buy undervalued properties
  • Use other people's money
  • Purchase with no money down
  • Establish a top-notch support team as your investments grow
  • And more!
Plus, Boaz shares his own million-dollar success story by applying the same 10 steps that you'll learn in this course.

It's not just about buying and selling real estate. This course gives you the edge on finding money-making properties and crafting creative deals that turn into millions!

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Boaz Gilad is the chairman of ORE International, LLC, a multinational real estate investment company. A consultant to corporate and professional investors, he's led numerous real estate seminars and is the co-author of "The Real Estate Millionaire."

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