How to Become a $1,000+-a-Day Seminar Leader - 2 Hour Audio Program with Paul Mladjenovic

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Create, Market & Promote Seminars & Workshops

The seminar business has a huge profit potential and a low capital investment. Seminar expert Paul Mladjenovic will tell you everything you need to know to promote successful, money-making seminars!

You'll discover how to:
  • Choose topics and titles that sell
  • Package your experience
  • Find organizations to host your speaking
  • Get corporate, adult-ed, and cruise-ship speaking opportunities
  • Handle your own P.R.
  • Get on radio and TV
  • Become a recognized expert

Paul Mladjenovic is a certified financial planner practitioner, business consultant, creator of 18 different information products, and author of "Zero-Cost Marketing" and The "Unofficial Guide to Picking Stocks."

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