Understanding When God Winks ... The Power of Coincidence - 2 1/2 Hour Audio Program with SQuire Rushnell

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Make a wish. Allow yourself a childlike leap to the vision of your future. You have the power within yourself to cause coincidences to happen to you. SQuire Rushnell, through touching stories and heart-warming humor, examines the coincidences that happen throughout our lives and how we can be part of their instigation.

SQuire Rushnell (the capital Q is correct) is the president and CEO of GoodLife Television. Following 20 years in top management with the ABC Network, he joined GoodLife in June of 1996. Mr. Rushnell is recognized as a creative executive with outstanding management credentials, a visionary leader who attracts top people to his pursuits, and one of the most compelling spokespersons from the communications industry. He has been integrally involved in television programming for news and information to all family programs. Presently, he is focused on building a TV network for America's fastest growing audience, "boomers and over."

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