How to Relieve, Prevent and Eliminate Stress - 1 Hour Video Program with Jennifer Tuma-Young

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Whether it’s from our relationships, an over-bearing boss, children that don’t listen, traffic jams, or just your computer, we’re all faced with challenging and stressful situations every day. These “stressors” are not going to go away. If you don’t deal with stress, it will lead to colds, fatigue, poor physical appearance and much more serious chronic diseases. This class taught by lifecoach Jennifer Tuma-Young will teach you how to identify the major stress-causers in your life and once-and-for-all eliminate them.

Learn the “5 Senses Technique” for lessening stress. Discover how to eliminate the “need to know all the answers” and just slow down and let life unfold as it should. Like it or not, stressful situations are going to occur. By learning to anticipate them and manage the stress in your life, you will be a lot happier and achieve more.

Jennifer Tuma-Young
, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer, and licensed Coach, has touched the lives of thousands of people. She began her venture in the working world eleven years ago, but knew she had to make major self-transformations before truly pursuing her passion for helping others. Since that time, Jennifer has lost over 120 pounds, overcame the threat of type II diabetes, changed her career, and is a much happier person inside and out. She has appeared on over 300 radio, television, and news programs as a coach and motivator including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Diet TV, and Rachael Ray! She was known as "Coach Jenn" on Rachael Ray, and also contributed to one of the most successful blogs on their website, "The Weight Loss Challenge." Jennifer earned a degree in Communications from Monmouth University. She is a licensed coach, certified in kinesiology, nutrition, and fitness. Jennifer continues in ongoing education with numerous organizations such as Curves International, ACSM, AFTA, NESTA, Discovery Health Institute, American Council on Exercise, and Wellcoaches. She is trained as a life coach, and has taken courses at NYU, Spencer Institute, and Life Coach Institute. Jennifer is a member of the International Coaches Federation and an alliance member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

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